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Conformal Coatings



One of the original creators and innovators in conformal coatings, HumiSeal® has led the way for over 50 years and today stands out as a uniquely experienced and dynamic company. Humiseal is the only company in the market whose sole business is the development and supply of conformal coatings. This single-minded focus enables HumiSeal to work as a partner with their customers, developing products that are tailored to exact requirements. Today, HumiSeal continues to make a material difference and is renowned for its technical leadership, energy and vision. HumiSeal is dedicated to providing conformal coating solutions that enhance the reliability of printed circuit boards operating in a wide variety of machines and devices in many market sectors such as: Aerospace, Automotive, Appliance Controls (White Goods), Consumer Electronics, Defence, Industrial Controls, Renewable Energies and LED.


The Humiseal conformal coating removal system named “The Swamblaster”

Humiseal_SandblasterThis table top Powder Abrasion System removes cured conformal coatings from PCB’s and components. A powder abrasion system will safely and selectively remove UV cure conformal coatings from various components on printed circuit boards without causing any mechanical or ESD damage. The Humiseal powder abrasion system is fully equipped with adjustable powder flow control and air pressure regulation to enable removal of the coating from pinpoint areas. A point ionizer effectively reduces the ESD from reaching levels that could potentially damage components during the removal process. The abrasive powders are non toxic and 100% water soluble and has been proven to be the least agrressive and most succesfully abrasion remover.