One of the first and probably most important step of the complete SMT assembly process is the selection of the best suitable solder paste, stencil geometry and setup of the stencil printer itself. 

Indium Corporation has succeed over the decades due to many factors; their market focus, materials expertise and process excellence. Electronics assembly is one of the fastest changing, most demanding markets. As the electronics industry evolves to increasingly smaller, sophisticated, and more powerful devices, Indium Corporation provides leading-edge materials and technology to solve today’s and tomorrow’s assembly challenges.

We provide on-site process support, given by our own engineers and with the support of our partners ASM DEK and Indium Corporation.

Solder Paste

Selecting the right solder alloy, form, and dimensions is key to producing a quality end product. Our Manufacturing Engineers have developed equipment and processes to meet the market demands for smaller parts, alternative materials, optimized packaging, and prototype to production quantities. 

We offer:
   • A thorough understanding of each customer’s needs and applications
   • A seasoned problem-solving aptitude
   • Knowledge of manufacturing processes and materials handling requirements
   • Expertise in metal fabrication, product packaging, and customer satisfaction
   • Proven achievements with: Pb-free materials, halogen-free materials, Heat-Spring®, NanoFoil®, patented alloys, flux           coatings, indium-containing low-temperature materials, and more. 

Our Goal: Increasing your productivity and profitability through premium design, application and service of advanced materials. 


Indium Corporation is the leading materials supplier to the global electronics, semiconductor, thin film, thermal management and solar markets. They develop, manufacture, and market solders, electronics assembly and packaging materials, pure indium, gallium, germanium, and tin, as well as alloys and inorganic compounds.

Indium Corporation’s scientists, application engineers, and technical support engineers work closely with  customers to develop custom solutions to their technical problems and optimize their processes to:

   • Increase yields
   • Improve customer satisfaction
   • Increase revenues
   • Reduce defects
   • Deliver high value and return on investment

For every conceivable application there is a solution.

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