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Founded in 1993 MBtech is exploiting since 1998 an International Patent covering the perfect filtration of cleaning liquids. MBtech designs and manufactures cleaning equipment that meets the highest standards of the Semiconductor and Electronic Industries.By focusing on its customer’s needs, MBtech has succeeded in imposing itself as the partner of the biggest industrial groups as well as of the innovative small businesses concentrated on high-quality production. MBtech specialize in equipment manufacturing but it also brings concrete solutions to all the problems met in the cleaning process of stencils, electronic boards, wafers….in different industrial fields: aeronautics, automotive, military, communication industry, medical, semiconductors etc.

The Humiseal conformal coating removal system named “The Swamblaster”Humiseal_Sandblaster

This table top Powder Abrasion System removes cured conformal coatings from PCB’s and components. A powder abrasion system will safely and selectively remove UV cure conformal coatings from various components on printed circuit boards without causing any mechanical or ESD damage. The Humiseal powder abrasion system is fully equipped with adjustable powder flow control and air pressure regulation to enable removal of the coating from pinpoint areas. A point ionizer effectively reduces the ESD from reaching levels that could potentially damage components during the removal process. The abrasive powders are non toxic and 100% water soluble and has been proven to be the least agrressive and most succesfully abrasion remover.


Teknek Board Cleaners

TeknekTeknek are world leaders in manufacturing solutions for the contact sheet cleaning and web cleaning sector. With operating facilities throughout the world and an intricate understanding of the client’s manufacturing process, Teknek have been the first choice supplier to their customer base for nearly three decades. An ethos of continuous innovation and improvement means that the company remains at the forefront of yield improvement solutions for the many sectors in which it operates. From its state-of-the-art production facilities in the UK , Teknek designs and manufactures a number of solutions to help reduce contaminants and improve yields in the manufacturing process.

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