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Get your first PCB assemblies right – Easier and Faster!

First Article Inspection (FAI), from Extra  Eye, is one of the most important steps of the PCB assembly process. Every mistake from the Placement Machine setup, can multiplies into hundreds of incorrectly assembled PCBs if left unchecked.

Manually performing a FAI by cross referencing between BOM and a presents an image of the placed component with the related details from the BOM and assembly drawing, which aids the operator and as a result boosts inspection speed, reduces fatigue and ensures 100% inspection accuracy.

Extra Eye is the first FAI system which is using a moving camera design and automation algorithms to dramatically reduce the overall inspection time. The Extra Eye system requires no programming and can be used immediately after installation with just a short training.

With this easy-to-use, automated FAI system, you can dramatically shorten time-to-production, reduce end-of-line defects and improve yield.

There are two models available, the X-3000 (380 x 450 mm) and the X-4000 (500×540 mm)

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