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Mek is a leading supplier of Solder Paste Inspection (SPI) technologies and Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) for SMD and Trough-hole technology. 

Bij understanding the science behind the electronics assembly process, and the needs of the assemblers, MEK Europe has been at the forefront of developing pioneering solutions such as 24-bit colour imaging defect detection, full 3D AOI and 5D post-print SPI.


Electronic board inspection might be an important step in the production process. An Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) machine can be a real benefit and gives you an automated visual inspection of PCB. MEK is the industry leader in Automated Optical Inspection, and is constantly refining and developing their AOI product range in line with your needs.

Ranging from entry level bench-top systems to full inline true 3D inspection, MEK can offer solutions for every budget and need.

MEK’s latest 3D AOI system, Iso Spector M1A, significantly reduce programming time by using Artificial Intelligence for automatic programming of solder-joint inspection.


Numerous studies have been performed over the last few years proving that up to 70% of all SMD solder joint issues, can be traced back to the solder paste printing process. These printing errors may be caused by incorrect printer setup, stencil damage, stencil design or type, solder paste type, solder paste conditions or a collection of several issues.

Mek 5D SPI technology is a new, no compromise approach to SPI for total defect coverage.

Items which are better inspected in 2D, such as area offset and bridging, are viewed in full colour. Using colour inspection the ISO-Spector S2 can tell the difference between paste, solder mask, silk screen and other PCB features and the system can intelligently give you accurate results. Volume and height measurement in 3D are combined with the 2D inspection in Real-time, to give a True colour 3D image. Other “3D” SPI systems only inspect in the 3rd dimension, (Z axis) and make extrapolated assumptions about the 2D image.

    • True Area, Shape, Offset, Volume and Height measurement

    • Capabilities beyond traditional 3D-only systems

    • See beyond the bounds of apertures

    • Find solder paste slumping

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