Coating Equipment

Conformal Coating can be applied by hand (using a brush or aerosol spray cans), by dipping with special machines  or using programmable  Selective Coating Machines.  Partnertec offers equipment and coating materials for every application.

Nordson Asymtek

Nordson ASYMTEK supplies a wide range of fluid dispensing and conformal coating equipment and Drying ovens that are supported by a global service network. Recognized for their innovative design and features, they offer customer-inspired solutions in a range of industries.

Gen3 Systems

Gen3 offers a wide range of Manual Spray booths, Automated Dip Coating Equipment, UV Inspection & Rework Booths and Drying Cabinets. 

Asymtek SL-940 Selective Coating System

The SL-940 provides the highest productivity and quality for automated coating processes. The modular design offers many features and different Applicators for Spray Coating, Film Coating, Jetting and dispensing of any kind of coating material. The latest generation graphical software allows easy offline programming.

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Asymtek Coating Applicators

Coating equipment can be equiped with up to three different Applicators for various needs. Some are very fast and can be used for large Area's and others are more precisie for special area's on your boards. 

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Gen3 Dip Coating Equipment

Gen3's Nano Coating Systmes are designed to dip coat PCB's in a controled way.  Dip Coating Systems can apply a very thin layer off conformal coating, covering your entier PCB

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