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Rework Systems

Martin Rework Systems

These state of the art systems allow safe and efficient rework of complex boards containing demanding components.
ALL MARTIN rework stations use the principle of gentle simultaneous heating of electronic assemblies from above and below. Energy input into the surface mount components from above is always provided by hot gas, whereas for heating the printed circuit boards from below, MARTIN offers Hybrid as well as IR heaters, depending on the application.

Product line

Expert 10.6 HXV

Semiautomatic hybrid Rework station for repairing large circuit boards, such as server- or mainboards.


Semiautomatic hybrid Rework station for repairing BGA, CSP and QFP components on medium-sized circuit boards.


Semiautomatic hybrid Rework station with adjustable heating system for the repair of small circuit boards, such as those found in smartphones.
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