Material Management

To assure that your SMD lines can run efficiently its important to manage your incoming goods process and component storage in a clever way.  Partnertec offers a range of equipment and software to optimize these processes, to know exactly what is located where and in what quantity.


MODI has been a specialist for identification solutions and process optimization for more than 20 years. For the electronics industry Modi offers smart incoming good scanning and relabeling solutions and inline scanning solutions for traceability applications. 


Inovaxe provides innovative material handling solutions since 2003. Their award-winning products optimizes material flows in order to reduce unnecessary laber, increase machine uptime and streamline supply chain operations.


ASMPT, well known for it advanced SMT Assembly equipment, also offers a wide range of software to optimize your assembly processes including  smart Material Management software and MES solutions.

Modi Incoming Goods Sanning

Modi offers  smart incoming goods scanning tables, equiped with fast high resolution camera technology. The system quicly scans all labels on incoming goods, collects the required data from relevant barcodes and verifies with the ERP and delivery notes if all is correct. Than it creates and prints new Labesl with a Unique Identifier containing all relevant data.  The operation is much faster and avoids human mistakes.

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Inovaxe Innovative Material Handling

Knowing what is stored wher is crucial for efficient electronics production. Inovaxe offers smart pick by light storage solution to store and retrieve your parts in the most efficient way.

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ASMPT Material Management Software

ASMPT offers their WORKS software suit to optimize your SMD assembly processes.  Works Logistic contains all tools to optimize the material flow through your factory

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ASMPT Material Tower

The ASMPT Material Tower is a compact, fully automated storage system for SMD components. The systems can be chained and can supply individual items or batches of components in one go. It seamlessly integrates with the ASMPT Works Logistic software for optimal material management.

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Nordson Assure Component Counter

Nordson Assure can accurately count component in reel, sticks,  trays and even snips using X-ray technology. The correct material in the correct quantity at the right time in the right place, that is what counts!

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