Pick & Place 

Innovations are the answer to new requirements in electronics manufacturing. Thanks to this approach, ASM Assembly Systems has for many years been a globally recognized technology leader. Through exclusive partnership with ASM we can offer our customers the perfect placement platforms for their specific requirements. 


ASM SIPLACE Pick & Place machines offer very high throughput and extreme accuracy combined with  impressive flexibility. Throughput is not only achieved by fast rotating placement head technology  and machine platforms but also highly influenced by machine uptime. 

ASM’s Smart software solutions will help you to gain the maximum results from your SMD line at minimum effort to keep the total cost of ownership low. SIPLACE proven reliability will make sure your line will keep running 24/7 if needed. Whether you focus on NPI/low volume or on higher volume production or on combining both, SIPLACE always has a machine line available to meet your demands.

Join the nr 1 pick&place machine manufacturer in their movement to a Smart Factory.


Place components with more precision and with the right force!
The E-by-SIPLACE sets new placement quality standards in the all-round segment thank to high-precision linear drives, programmable placement


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#1 Placement Solution for high-mix SMT production, it puts scalability and flexibility at the top of the list.
It provides a modern, scalable alternative to inflexible machine and rigid line concepts. 


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Performance and precision in a tiny footprint! 
The SIPLACE TX is the new standard in high-volume production. No other placement solution features this level of precision. 


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Process Support Products

Don’t ever compromise on the quality when using market-leading equipment. Always use the best materials you can find and do whatever you can to optimize your process.

ASM has developed a comprehensive range of high –quality, yield-enhancing products. ASM’s PSP products are not printer specific. They can enable higher yiels and more stability no matter what the print platform..

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ASM is always looking into new technologies, unconventional ideas and joint projects with customs and partners. Our mission with ASM is to provide our customers the most advanced, cost-effective, and reliable products, service and support in the semiconductor industry and beyond. 

Let's make your electronics production more competitive! 


Partnertec, your partner in best all-round solutions!

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