Other Consumables

Partnertec offers a wide range of high quality consumbles to assemble your PCB's. 

The List below gives an overview of available items in our portfolio from various suppliers. Please contact us if the product of choice in not shown or if your like to learn more about these products. Click on the links for more details.

ASMPT - Squegees

ASMPT - Wipes, Gloves, Swabs, Spatulas, Sprays, Nozzles etc

Humiseal - Coatings, Gels, Masking Products,Thermal Conductive Paste, Adhesives, Encapsulation, Thinners etc

MBTech -  Carbon and Resin Filters and Micron Paper Filters

Techspray - Desoldering Braid, Flux Removers, Cleaning Chemistry, Wipes, Wonder Mask, IPA, Brushes etc

TEKNEK - PCB Cleaning Rols

Zestron - Resin Test, Reflow Cleaner, Batch Analyzer Kits, Needle Cleaner, Defluxing etc