X-ray Inspection & Acoustic Microscopy

For quality inspection of solderjoints under complex components such as BGA's and QFN's and for other hidden defects, X-ray can be used.
X-ray is also very suitalble for fast and reliable counting  of component quantity in SMD reels.

Acoustic Microscopy is another non descructive methode for quality inspection inside and under  complex devices and connections.

Visual vs Acoustic vs X-ray


DAGE - MatriX - Sonoscan

Three sister companies operating under the Nordson Test & Inspection Division.

DAGE is a market leader in Manual and Semi-automatic X-ray inspection Equipment (MXI) and in Component Counters for the Electronic Industry.

MatriX is specialized in fully Automated X-ray Equipment (AXI)

SONOSCAN is a specialists in Acoustic Microscopy.

These brands explore the invisable.

Assure X-ray Counting

Nordson offers a range of products for inventory  management.  With X-ray the (remaining) quantity of components in reels, trays or other containers, can quickly be counted and reported to your ERP system.  Better control of your inventory can avoid component shortages and expensive line disruptions.

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Dage MXI X-ray Inspection

Nordson Dage offers a wide range of Manual and Semi-automatic X-ray Inspection Equipment (MXI).

Dage is the only company in our industry using its own in house develloped and manufactured  X-ray tube, own Power Supply and Flat Panel, all integrated with in house develloped software.  The unique closed-tube  X-ray souce with Crystal filement technology, does not require any maintenance.  Dage X-ray systems are well know for easy operation and ultra-sharp images.

Latest generation Quadra system is available in various versions for almost every application.

Entry level system ExploreOne is very suitable for those with smaller budgets.

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Matrix AXI X-ray inspection

For those requiring fully automated X-ray inspection, Nordson Matrix offers a wide range of MXI systems, both inline and stand-alone. 2D and 3D systems are available.  Unique filtering techniques and fast CT technology allow 100% inspection of the most complex PCB's and devices in  a very short time.

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Sonoscan Acoustic Microscopy

For those defects that can not be found by X-ray, Visual Inspection or other means, Nordson offers Acoustic Microscopes from Sonoscan.  Hidden defects such as delamination, voids in underfull and microcracks can be detected and captured in Acoustic Images.

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