Stencils & Screens

High Quality Laser Cut Stencils & Emulsion Screens

Partnertec offers over 25 years of experience in stencil design and stencil manufacturing and we complement our stencil service with a complete range of Stencil Printing Equipment and supporting consumables and products such as Indium Solderpaste and ASMPT Process Support Products. In our location in Eindhoven we manufacture lasercut SMT stencils and we offer a wide range of stencil and screen solutions in partnership with ASMPT and Berbertec. Partnertec is the official distributor of ASMPT products in the Benelux and we offer the full range of VectorGuard™ stencils, VectorGuard™ frames, ASMPT Storage solutions, PCB support solutions, Consumables and Squeegees. We also offer Berbertec high quality Emulsion Screens for those applications that can't be solved with Stencils.

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Stencils & Screens

Stencils & Screens

Our in house designed and manufactured laser cut stencils enable you to increase your yield by selecting the best technology for your application. We offer lasercut and electroformed stencils made from different kind of materials and thicknesses and with optional coatings. As a unique service we can help you to make your stencil first-time-right using our unique design for manufacturing analysis tools.

For those applications that can not be solved with stencils, we offer traditional mesh screens in frames. Various mesh types and emmulions are available. Please contact us for more information about possibilities.

  • Lasercut Stainless Steel SMT Stencils
  • Lasercut Fine Grain Steel SMT Stencils
  • Lasercut Multilevel SMT Stencils
  • Electroform Stencils
  • Electroform 3D Stencils
  • Electroform Variable Aperture Height Technology
  • PumpPrint Adhesive stencils
  • Stencil Coatings
  • ASMPT Smart Stencil
  • DFM Health Check
  • DEK VectorGuard™  Frames
  • DEK VectorGuard™  Frame Accessoiries
  • DEK VectorGuard™  Tension Check
  • DEK VectorGuard™  Services
  • Berbertec Emulsion Screens

Stencil Frame Solutions

ASMPT DEK VectorGuard is the most used and best in class tensioning frame in the world. It allows the use of frameless stencils, without any compromise. Latest high-tension system offers an even tension acorss the entire stencil that beats any systems, for extreme accurate printing. Check video link below for more info.  We can also offer mesh framed Stencils for special applications

Stencil Storage Systems

To help you organise your production area and work efficiently around your SMT line ASMPT offers stencil storage solutions. Our cabinets will give you easy acces to a large number of stencils on a small floorspace nearby your printing machine. Cabinets that can store not only stencils, but also tubs, squeegees and dedicated tooling plates, are available as well.  

We can also offer smart ''pick-by-light'' Stencil Storage

  • DEK VectorGuard™ cabinet
  • DEK VectorGuard™ tower cabinet
  • DEK VectorGuard™ mobile cabinet
  • DEK VectorGuard™ working station
  • DEK Precision screens storage system



ASMPT offers a full range of metal and polyurethane squeegees in a wide range of length for any type of application.

  • ASMPT Squeegees
    • DEK Laser cut replacement squeegees blades
    • DEK Metal squeegees for lead free applications
    • DEK Self Adjusting Paste Deflectors (SAPDs)
    • DEK Polyurethane squeegees
    • DEK PumpPrint™ squeegees
    • Self Adjusting Paste Deflectors

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