Conformal Coating Inspection

Applying Conformal Coating on a PCBA is a critical task. Some area's must be coated and others must remain free of coating. And it is very imporant to get a consistant smooth layer with the required thickness, free of air bubbles, holes or other disruptions. Most of these issues can be visualized under UV light and special Automated Conformal Coating Inspecion equipment (ACI or CCI) is available to automate this inspection process. 


 MEK is an industry leader in Automated Optical Inspection and Solder Paste Inspection,

Based on the proven AOI technology in their AOI systems they have develloped a range of Conformal Coating Inspection machine, ranging from Benchtop systems to fully inline double sides inspection. They even offer a system for integration in other equipment.

MEK Conformal Coating Inspection

MEK offers a range of equipment for inspection of conformal coating. Used after manual spray, automatic spray and dip coating applications, the systems deliver reliable coating defect detection.  They cover the components, the area around the components and identify most coating issues including cracks, bubbles, insufficient / excess coating, loss of adhesion and other common contaminations.

The technology is available for Benchtop systems, Inline systems and embedded systems

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