Smart Factory 4.0

Industry 4.0, networked manufacturing, the Internet of Manufacturing – this is all about new production concepts. The goal: deliver maximum quality with maximum efficiency, flexibility and scalability.

The Smart #1 SMT Factory operates with highly flexible and fully networked manufacturing solutions that adapt automatically to product changes. A highly developed automation system makes the work of the employees on the factory floor a lot easier. Intelligent software supports company-specific workflows, and IT systems are no longer there to just provide information, but to help and assist – down to autonomous process optimization from self-learning expert systems.

Our Exclusive Partner ASMPT has made it its business to break down the Industry 4.0 concept to the specific requirements and processes of its customers in the electronics manufacturing industry. We want to enable you to convert your plants step-by-step into intelligent SMT factories with the help of our solutions and services.

Smart #1 SMT Factory

The smart SMT factory is real!

New technologies revolutionize electronics production as connected and integrated workflow solutions replace isolated applications.

SMT Smart Factory - Rena

Rena Electronics B.V. in Zundert, is known as a European competence center of customized LED light engines for demanding applications in amongst others architecture, oil and gas production, entertainment and horticulture.

Rena wants to stay ahead in technological developments. April 2018 Rena started up their second Smart Factory production line. This is a big step forwards towards the future of Smart Factory.

Rena worked together with ASMPT as strategic partner to convert their factory into a smart SMT factory for high mix, low volume applications. Watch more in this video.