Automated Optical Inspection

Quality inspection is an important step in the production process. A powerfull Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) machine can reduce inspection time and improve the inspection process.  Finding all faillures and limiting the qty of Falls Calls is crucial.


 MEK is the industry leader in Automated Optical Inspection and Solder Paste Inspection, and is constantly refining and developing their AOI product range in line with your needs.
Ranging from entry level bench-top systems to full inline true 3D inspection, MEK can offer solutions for every budget and need.

MEK’s latest 3D AOI system, Iso Spector M1A, significantly reduce programming time by using Artificial Intelligence for automatic programming of solder-joint inspection.

Full 3D AOI

Full 3D AOI Systems of Mek are designed to detect every measurable solder and component defect pre- and or post reflow soldering.
Full 3D metrological & imaging AOI is achieved by measuring all 3 dimensions (X, Y and Height).

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Selective 3D AOI

Mek is constantly refining and developing their product range in line with the needs of our customers. Their desktop AOI and inline AOI systems are optimised for the demands of today’s advanced SMT applications and critical manufacturing environments.

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The THT AOI of Mek overcomes the challenges, of long programming times and high false call rates, with an unique combination of mechanical, optical and software design alternatives. Stand-alone, Inline or integrated in your process equipment. 

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Entry Level AOI

The latest generation of Mek iSpector entry level AOI systems are designed for customers with low volume, highmis production requiring high-quality AOI. With these machines we can offer Automatic Optical Inspection of PCB assemblies with exceptional defect coverage. 

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Assembly Station Inspection

Mek VeriSpector is an assembly station AOI for use on manual and semi-automated SMD and THT assembly stations. With extremely short inspection times ( < 5 sec ) the VeriSpector AOI system allows manufacturers to perform real time assembly and placement inspection, carry out repairs on the fly and prevent defects before they move into the next process

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