TEKNEK, the leading specialist in solving contamination problems, launches two new products supporting the drive to “zero defects”

TEKNEK, the leading specialist in solving contamination problems, launches two new products supporting the drive to “zero defects”

ITW’s TEKNEK focusses entirely on contact cleaning equipment. They solve customer contamination problems in high-end industrial processes and aim to help in achieving zero defects in production. PCB cleaning after laser marking and/or prior to Solder Paste Printing can solve many issues related to particle contamination. But it is still not commonly adopted, while the investment is relatively low and very effective. Two recently launched products for the PCB assembly industry will make it even more attractive.

The cleaning technology
TEKNEK has invented and developed contact cleaning method that can pick up loose particles and contamination ranging from sub-micron size up to 5mm, for examples, general dust particles, metal, glass-fibers, human hairs and skin. Such ‘’mechanical’’ contaminations can cause defects in your PCB assembly when blocking stencil apertures or when ending up under or between solder joints, creating poor connections or potential short circuits.

Parts are easily picked up while one or more Elastomer rollers softly roll over the surface. The contamination is then transferred to special designed ‘’sticky adhesive sheets’’, that are refreshed at regular intervals. The cleaning systems are available for hand-cleaning and for automated Inline cleaning.

New inline TEK-BC-10 & 20 machines
TTEK-BC is the next generation of ‘’low static’’ and “low strain” board cleaners for the SMT Industry. Equipped with the unique NTtm ‘’low static’’ elastomer rollers, the system complies with the demanding International Ansi / ESD S20.20 rules. The latest generation GAR dissipative Adhesive Rolls will take care that all particles picked up from the NT Rollers are effectively transferred to the adhesive and later easily disposed of.

TEK BC 20 is equipped with a board staging conveyor, that will always keep one cleaned PCB ready for the downstream printer. This will avoid potential cycle time loss in the SMD line. Sensors detect board height to ensure effective, low strain cleaning and detect anomalies i.e. double board feeds.

An Industrial Controller with 10’’ touch screen makes it very easy to set-up the machine and to integrate the system in your Smart Factory. The system supports IPC Hermes and other M2M communication.

Replacement of GAR adhesive paper rolls can be done very quickly, and the machine can easily be accessed for maintenance.

TEK BC is a single side cleaning system and is available in two sizes:
• TEK BC 10 for PCB’s up to 200 mm wide and 350 mm long
• TEK BC 20 for PCB’s up to 400 mm wide and 350 mm long

Hand Cleaning Revolution – the new Teknek HR
TETEKNEK has released the first Hand Roller that uses a novel design process that incorporates contemporary ergonomics and sustainability thinking. This ‘’Eco-Ergo’’ approach resulted in the all new TEK-HR, a long lasting, easy to use environment friendly hand roller, ready for the future. The new light weight hand grip reduces operator fatigue and offers maximum grip comfort. The metal design is long lasting and impact resistant. All parts are recyclable and produced in a low waste manufacturing process.

Four different unique designed contact elastomer rollers are available for various surface cleaning applications. This includes the latest low static NTtm roller and the silicon free Nanocleentm roller for clean room application. Collected contamination is transferred to adhesive DCRPADS, available in paper DCRPADS/BT and film material FILMIC PAD for cleanroom applications.

Inline systems such as the new TEK-BC and the TEK HR Hand-Rollers will achieve the same cleaning results. Please allow us to provide an onsite demonstration to surprise you how much contamination can still be removed from your PCB’s or other flat products.

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