We congratulate Zestron with 25 Years of Globally Leading Innovations!

We congratulate Zestron with 25 Years of Globally Leading Innovations!

ZESTRON, global provider of high precision cleaning products, services and training solutions in the electronics manufacturing and semiconductor industries, is celebrating 25 years of innovation.  Within 25 years, Zestron has grown to be the global leader in precision cleaning due to our unwavering commitment to process improvement.

ZESTRON prides itself on providing electronics manufacturers that have an ongoing need to eliminate long-term reliability concerns as electronics designs continue to increase in complexity, with the latest engineered cleaning agent technological developments for precision cleaning processes available.

In 1992, Dr. O.K. Wack, founder of ZESTRON, discovered the need for environmentally friendly cleaning agents for the electronics market. Within the next few years, ZESTRON began introducing several aqueous based VIGON® cleaning agents that quickly gained industry attention. With cleaning agent concentrations at 30% or greater at the time, ZESTRON cleaning agent technology performed at concentrations of 20%. In the ensuing years, continued R&D investment in product development reduced working concentrations further resulting in the launch of cleaning agents that performed at even lower concentrations. Additional product developments resulted in the launch of the first true pH neutral defluxing agent in 2009, and the first automatic concentration monitoring unit, the ZESTRON® EYE, in 2013. These industry leading advances enabled our customers to meet their cleaning challenges.

In addition to continuous product development, ZESTRON has become the market leader for high precision cleaning solutions by providing unparalleled technical support with the largest team of engineers in the industry. With seven state of the art globally linked Technical Centers located in the Americas, Europe and Asia, and equipped with over 90 cleaning machines from world leading equipment manufacturers, electronics industry OEMs and ECMs can easily and quickly assess multiple cleaning processes for their products to ensure selection of the most effective solution.

ZESTRON is proud to be a second generation family owned company now guided by Dr. Harald Wack. In addition to his continued drive for product development to meet the ever increasing cleaning challenges, Dr. Wack is a champion for industry education.  From his passion to share best practices and the latest technological solutions for tough cleaning challenges, he created ZESTRON Academy. Today, ZESTRON Academy is a global resource accessible around the world to educate the electronics manufacturing industry through customized webinars, workshops and training, either on-site or at the ZESTRON Technical centers.

If you would like to receive more information on the productline or on the ZESTRON Academy please do not hesitate to contact us.

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