Selective soldering

Selective soldering Mass selective dip solder fountain: A variant of selective-aperture soldering in which specialized tooling (with apertures to allow solder to be pumped through it) represent the areas to be soldered. The PCB is then presented over the selective-solder fountain; all selective soldering of the PCB is soldered simultaneously as the board is lowered into the solder fountain. Each tool is specific to a PCB assembly.

Miniature wave selective solder fountain(s): This typically uses a round miniature pumped solder wave, similar to the end of a pencil or crayon, to sequentially solder the PCB. The process is slower than the previous methods, but more accurate. The PCB may be fixed, and the wave solder pot moved underneath the PCB; alternately, the PCB may be articulated over a fixed wave or solder bath to undergo the selective-soldering process.
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