European distributor Award for highest growth

European distributor Award for highest growth

Partnertec wins “European distributor Award for highest growth” at the HumiSeal® 2018 European Distributor Conference in Krakow.

HumiSeal® reviewed the growth of each European distributor against previous year’s performance and declared Partnertec B.V. as winner with a 45% growth on last year.

Partnertec is still showing a strong growth. We are continuously investing in knowledge and training; this award shows the excellent performance of our Team in combination with the ongoing support from our partner HumiSeal®.

With our new Process Sales Engineer, Sander Loonen, we will be focusing on providing technical advice and support to deliver customized solutions in Cleaning, Soldering and Conformal Coating to our clients.

For 2019 Partnertec B.V. expects another year of growth in the region of 40%.

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