First new DEK TQ printers sold in the Benelux

First new DEK TQ printers sold in the Benelux

Partnertec is happy to announce we have recently sold two ASM DEK TQ Stencil Printers to a major OEM customer in the Netherlands. These will be the first of this new model in our region.

ASM DEK TQ is a completely newly designed Stencil Printer that combines the highest throughput and the best accuracy in our industry. It can run at least 8 hours without operator intervention, and offers unique (optional) features, such as Smart Pin Placement, Closed-Loop Paste Management and All-Purpose Clamping. Its wet printing accuracy of ±17.5 microns @ 2 Cpk is unmatched.

The new Smart Pin Placement option can automatically place support pins under the PCB at desired locations.

Automated Paste Management will measure the remaining amount of paste on the stencil and automatically add solder paste from a cartridge. Cartridge replenishment can be done with the optional dual access machine cover without stopping the machine.

The newly designed Under Stencil Cleaner uses extra-long paper rolls to reduce operator intervention, and cleaning liquid can be refilled while the machine is running.

DEK TQ is the first DEK printer offering ‘off-belt’ printing, using a design clamping system similar to the one used in ASM’s Pick&Place machines. An improved version of ASM DEK All-Purpose Clamping is available as an option. These features can clamp PCBs in the regular ‘over the top’ way, or use edge clamping instead, to allow printing of solder paste closer to the edges of a PCB.

You can read more about this revolutionary printer here.

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