VDH Products B.V., one of the world’s leading manufacturers

VDH Products B.V., one of the world’s leading manufacturers

For over 40 years, VDH Products B.V. has been one of the world’s leading manufacturers – and always In control!

VDH is creative, innovative and has a will of its own. The key to their success is being different, delivering top quality products with highly motivated personnel who are always fully involved with their customers.
With a product range of more than 20000 different products (standard and custom made) and the fact that it is supplied in more than 65 countries, VDH claims to be leader in all situations where relative humidity, temperature and pressure are critical parameters.

Started 40 years ago with the development and production of electronic controllers and now delivering personal climate control systems in the most luxurious yachts throughout the world. Whether it is the food industry, transport sector or the process technology, VDH Products guarantees top quality measuring instruments and control systems. They know their clients’ markets and are well aware of the dynamics and technological challenges.

VDH is focussing on niche markets and custom-made solutions, where a small business is just as important as a multinational. Thanks to their collaborations with, among others, universities and start-ups, they succeed in being a few steps ahead of the competition. Being on top is also making sure they meet the high demands of their partners.

Six years ago there was the first glimpse of the concept for a new pick & place machine. There were four possible candidates where everybody could do the job; placing components, high speed, with maximum accuracy.

During the selection process, they realised it wasn’t only about a new Pick & Place machine, but also the extensive software integration, traceability and Smart Remote, which became much more important. At the end of 2017, VDH Products B.V. came into contact with Edwin de Blauw of Partnertec B.V, who introduced ASM Smart#1 SMT Factory and what it could do for them.

Most importantly, with the new production line, it is possible to quickly change over from one product to another with a minimum of downtime.

Henk Westera of VDH Products commented; “Partnertec’s strength is that we worked very closely to find the perfect solutions and machine park which fits our requirements and unique specifications.”

The Smart #1 SMT Factory operates with highly flexible and fully networked manufacturing solutions that adapt automatically to product changes. A highly developed automation system makes the work of the employees on the factory floor a lot easier. Intelligent software supports VDH’s specific workflows and IT-systems are no longer there to just provide information, but to help and assist with autonomous process optimization.

VDH has invested in a complete new Smart Factory SMD line, which perfectly match their requirements and specifications;
 Printer                      – ASM E-by-DEK
Pick&place               – ASM E-by-SIPLACE
 Reflow Oven            – Vitronics Soltec Centurion 820
 Board handling       – NUTEK
 Humidity Cabinet   – Totech

The SMD line consist of two placement machines, each capable to mount the majority of VDH’s SMD components at high speed using a very flexible 12 nozzle turret rotating head, resulting in a combined IPC mount speed of almost 30.000 components/hr. The second machine can also mount odd shaped components such as large connectors and high SMD parts. This has reduced VDH’s amount of manual placements significantly.

The intelligent E-feeders in combination with additional change-over tables allow very fast change-overs. The line is equipped with all features for full traceability to secure high quality. ASM’s E-by-DEK printer offers high quality and high speed printing without compromises to flexibility.

ASM’s Smart software also allows production of New Product Introductions on the same production line, with minimum disturbance

The line is completed with Vitronics Soltec latest Centurion reflow oven. The robust oven offers perfect stable thermal profiling in combination with highly reduced energy consumption. The equipment is linked together with clever NUTEK board handling-equipment to offer sufficient buffering to keep the line running at optimized speed.

Henk Westera also commented: “The new SMD line was plug ‘n play, it converted very quickly and this was due to quality preparation and communication,”.

The next step in the process has been made. VDH Product has now the resources to produce 4x faster and smarter, there are new opportunities for growth, and they can focus on broadening in the market all over the world.

However, this is not the end, they say. ‘We still need to look ahead and continuously improve the production line. Leading the market also means being first in development. VDH Products wants to be a frontrunner, not Industry 4.0 but 5.0 is the goal!’


VDH Products B.V. In control of your business!

Partnertec, your partner in best all-round solutions!

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