Highly sensitive measurement of ionic residues on electronic PCBAs

Highly sensitive measurement of ionic residues on electronic PCBAs

PCB cleanliness can be evaluated in accordance with the latest industry standards using a variety of test techniques. In ZESTRON’s state-of-the-art Analytical Center,one of the comprehensive methods employed is Ion Chromatography.

This high-resolution analysis method provides a detailed determination of the ionic contamination (anions, cations and weak organic acids) on your assemblies according to IPC-TM-650. Critical substances such as bromides or chlorides and their quantity on the module can be determined exactly.

Compared to simpler measuring methods such as Contaminometer or Omegameter, where only the whole ion content as equivalent to sodium chloride is built, the ion chromatography provides a quantitative and qualitative measurement of single ions. Potential failures such leakage currents, electrochemical migration or corrosion of cupper contacts can be assessed.

The ion chromatography is suitable for both, the evidence of cleanliness after soldering according to guideline and to qualify surfaces after cleaning respectively before coating or bond processes.

At Zestron’s Analytical Center, you have the opportunity to test your entire cleaning process according to international standards such as power modules, PCBs, stencils and tools, as well as the quality of your cleaning bath itself can be analyzed using various techniques.

Your benefits:

  • Standardized analytical methods to verify the process security for internal and external audits
  • Transparent implementation of a new process
  • Control parameters to independently monitor the wash bath quality and the early detection of cleaning problems
  • A continuously secure and stable cleaning process achieved through the excellent quality of the wash bath

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