The importance of maintenance

The importance of maintenance

The amount of people that are daily working hard to keep our incredible complex infrastructure up and running is uncountable. Without them, and the work they execute, we will lose everything that we have built due to deterioration and unexpected incidents. To quote Murphy’s lawAnything that can go wrong, will go wrong. This is also applicable to the SMT-sector and their production lines. 

Preventative maintenance is the single most important aspect in ensuring your equipment is running to the best of its performance. For example, it allows you not only to budget the costs in a controlled manner, but also to save thousands of euros a year in unexpected repair costs and production stops, caused by machine breakdowns.  

For an extra peace of mind, a service contract should be considered to benefit from reduced service rates and a fast response time, for when a breakdown does occur. Most importantly the cost saving of preventative maintenance go beyond reduction of downtime. Not only is the lifespan of equipment greatly extended and production yields maintained, but also the efficiency of the equipment is verified and brought back in line with expected values.  

As a result, the benefits obtained from planned preventative maintenance greatly exceeds the initial investment. 
But in our opinion maintenance is more than risk management, cost reduction and a peace of mind. To do maintenance is to understand, to care, to respect and sometimes probably even to love. Whether it’s lubrication, an oil or filter change, calibration, fine tuning, and functional testing – Partnertec has you covered, and we will help you select the best option for your needs based on machine uptime, desired output, environmental factors and more aspects. 

Partnertec offers already for more than 15 years a very cost-effective Service Contracts for stand-alone machines up to complete production lines. Please contact for a customized Service Contract.


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