Omron Manufacturing of the Netherlands expands production capacity by investing in new SMT lines!

Omron Manufacturing of the Netherlands expands production capacity by investing in new SMT lines!

Omron Manufacturing of the Netherlands (OMN) is rapidly growing in production volume in the high-end production facility in ‘s-Hertogenbosch. In this plant Omron is producing Programmable Logical Controller (PLC), Safety Light Curtains, Human Machine Interface (HMI), the new developed Industrial PC (IPC) and Pick and Place Robots. This growth is driven by both growing EU economy and successful new products, like the IPC.

OMN has successfully managed to reshore European production volume from Asian factories based on competitive cost prices. This success is based on a very high level of lean manufacturing and low cost intelligent automation (LCIA) in all assembly lines.
This allowed OMN to add a new third SMT production line and to replace equipment in the existing SMT lines. Partnertec is delighted to be selected again to provide a total of three ASM DEK Neo Horizon printers and three Vitronics-Soltec Centurion reflow ovens.

Quality and delivery reliability are key for Omron customers and so these indicators are requirements for OMN and their partners. Omron values long relationships with reliable partners. That applies to both distributors and manufacturers. ASM-DEK and Vitronics-Soltec equipment are in use for many years already in the Omron plant and have proven good track record. Evaluations on the newest generation equipment of these manufacturers has proofed again to be best in class. And Partnertec, as their distributor, has proven to be a reliable partner in sales and service for many years.

OMN applies a pitstop strategy for both changeover and maintenance in the SMT-lines. Change-overs and maintenance may not lead to unplanned production losses and delay. This lean approach is daily business and is also desired from our suppliers. The cooperation with Partnertec shows that this approach is well understood and implemented during maintenance and installations. The long relationship between Omron and Partnertec is built on mutual trust and is cherished. With this purchase Omron is making a huge step forward in both quality and capacity. Further expansion will include additional warehouse capacity and new robotised assembly line(s). This growth is aligned with the global strategy of Omron and is targeted on 2020 where OMN should double the revenue.

Partnertec, your partner in best all-round solutions!

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