Powder Abrassion System

Powder Abrassion System

The Tabletop Conformal Coating Removal System is a complete package.The work cabinet has a built-in dust collector with a backward inclined fan that generates approximately 258 scfm of vacuum to evacuate the spent abrasive from the work area into a collection drawer on the side. This drawer can be easily removed for powder disposal. This compact design is a space saver being just 61cm wide, 83cm deep and 43cm high with accommodations for placing the SWAM-Blaster® Model MV-2L Micro Abrasive Blaster on top. Sets up in minutes and a single switch turns on the power.

A powder abrasion system will safely and selectively remove all types of conformal coatings including UV cure and Silicone from various components on printed circuit boards without causing any mechanical or ESD damage. The HumiSeal powder abrasion systems is fully equipped with adjustable powder flow control
and air pressure regulation to enable removal of the coating from pinpoint areas to larger areas. This method requires some relative dexterity as it uses high velocity particles delivered through a nozzle.


A point ionizer effectively reduces the ESD from reaching levels that could potentially damage components during the removal process. A point ionizer introduces a flow of positive and negative ions into the abrasive path at the exit point of the nozzle tip. The rework chamber also contains several point ionisers and system meets NASA ESD requirements. Report available on request.

Power Media

There are several types of abrasive powders available for conformal coating removal including Carbo Blast, Plastic Blast and Soda Bicarbonate. Carbo Blast has been
proven to be the least aggressive and successfully removes HumiSeal UV cure conformal coatings without affecting the solder resist or components. Made from wheat starch crystals it is the mildest of the available powders and does not cause any mechanical damage to the PCB.

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