Stencil Cleaning Solutions

Using a well designed and clean Stencil in your Stencil Printing Process is very important. After printing, the remaining Solder Paste must be removed from the stencil to avoid that paste dries out and apertures get blocked.  Stencils become more complex due to increasing component sizes and more SMD's per PCB. Smaller and lager amounts of apertures in a stencil require more advanced cleaning techniques. Partnertec offers a wide range of solutions  for low- volume manual sollutions and for automated stencil cleaning processes.

ASM DEK Pre-Saturated Wipes

ASM offers a range of pre-satured wipes, with a special structure and saturated with fluid for the specific job to manually clean solder pasta and glue from stencils and other surfaces.

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ASM Under Wipe Paper and Cleaning Agent

Stencil Printers are equiped with automatic under wipe cleaners and ASM offers special develloped paper rols with a texture that will capture the remaining paste. In combination with the special ASM ProXF cleaning agent the best possible cleaning result will be achieved.

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Gen3 GenSonic - Manual Ultrasonic Stencil Cleaning

GenSonic is an easy to handle manual stencil cleaner that uses ultrasonic vibrations to remove solder paste from Stencils. 

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ASM Support Tooling for Stencil Printers

Very important in Stencil Cleaning is to avoid stencil smearing under the stencil. Proper stencil design in combination with good board support is the first step!

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MBtech Stencil Cleaning

MBtech offers various solutions for  automatic cleaning of stencils. Equipment is available with Ultrasonic cleaning, Spray-under immersion, or combination of both. Cleaning is very fast and the close-loop patented filtering process requires minimum amount of cleaning agent.  In combination with Zestron cleaning agents we offer a total solution for stencil cleaning.

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Zestron Stencil Cleaning Agents

Selecting the right Cleaning Agent in your Stencil Cleaning Equipment is very important. Zestron offers a wide range of products to remove paste and glue from Stencils in a fast and environmentally friendly way.

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