Successful Partnertec TechDay

Successful Partnertec TechDay

We are very pleased about the number of participants who took the time and effort to travel all the way to Zundert. To handle today’s huge workload in the factories becomes the smart factory more and more important. Industry 4.0 will be key in this!

The schedule during this Technology Day was covering most important smart processes, solutions and workshops related to Industry 4.0 We presented updates and insight on key technologies.

The participants spoke highly about the presentations ‘SMT Smart Factory Check’ and ‘Process Optimization’. Also the Factory Tour at Rena Electronics B.V. was very impressive.

This seminar wasn’t possible without the commitment and cooperation of our exclusive partners ASM, Indium, Solderstar, Vitronics Soltec and especially Rena Electronica B.V., who was willing to open the doors of their production facility and sharing their experience.

We would like to thank everyone for their attendance and participation!

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