New CAD-engineer on board

New CAD-engineer on board

Partnertec stencil department news

We recently expanded our Stencil Department team with a new colleague, Tim van Dortmont, in the role of Stencil Design Engineer. Tim has already gained experience in our industry during his studies while working as a test engineer at one of our customers. Tim will strengthen our team in the development and manufacturing of laser-cut stencils. Please give him a warm welcome.

New fine grain sheet thicknesses available
We have expanded our range of thicknesses for the very popular fine grain Vector Guard Sheets. Fine grain material is now available in steps of 10 microns to accommodate any requirements for solder volume.

Advanced stencil technology

Most applications can be solved with standard stencil material and thickness, but for more challenging applications, we offer a wide range of advanced technologies together with our partner ASMPT. Our experienced engineering team performs analyses on your stencil design using unique Design for Experiment software. If recommended, we offer Stepped Up or Stepped Down stencils (Milled or Welded), Electroformed stencils, and a special Nano Ultra Coating to improve paste release.

We also provide recommendations on solder paste type, board support method, and stencil printer setup. If required, our engineers can even visit you on-site to support you in setting up your complex projects.

Framed stencil and screen technology
Nowadays, cost- and space-saving frameless stencil tensioning systems are most preferred. Partnertec offers the world’s most popular and easy-to-use ASMPT’s Vector Guard.

For special applications, we also offer framed stencil and framed screen technology together with our German partner Berbertec. Ultrathin stencil sheet materials down to 20 microns can still be processed if framed. Traditional emulsion mesh screens are still required for advanced applications where thin large layers of material need to be printed. For such applications, Partnertec can support you with perfect solutions.

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