tbp electronics anticipates on market situation with 5th Production line.

tbp electronics anticipates on market situation with 5th Production line.

In order to meet increasing demand for printed circuit board assemblies (pcba’s), tbp electronics is investing in an extra state-of-the-art production line at its main site in Dirksland. The total investment amounts to over three million euros. The new line (which will be the 5th in total) will be operational at the end of October. Testing facilities and the number of components in stock have also been improved. And with the arrival of circa twenty specialised new employees, tbp has responded promptly to the latest situation in the market.

Two existing lines for protos and smaller series will be moved to the other tbp premises at the same industrial site. This will help to create space for the new line.

CEO Ton Plooy: Fortunately we can rely on our preffered suppliers Partnertec, Mycronic, Nutec en W&S Benelux. We have been doing business with them over 30 years. When you are loyal, they are willing to go the ‘extra mile’. 

In close cooperation with our suppliers the construction will be realised in only a few weeks, without interrupting existing production. The line will also produce during two shifts, which means the number of employees will increase accordingly.

more testing capacity
Design for Testing (DfT) allows tbp to maximise test accessibility and test coverage of pcba design. Three extra base stations (now eight) have been installed for a unique Extended Boundary Scan Testing solution. A flying probe-tester has also been added (now four). This increase in capacity has helped to improve the efficiency of the production process.

larger inventory
The number of components we keep in stock in Dirksland has almost doubled. This upscaling of operations has been enabled by increasing the number of procurement and warehouse staff. The measure is necessary due to global scarcity of electronic components, which is expected to remain so in the long-term.

delivery reliability
tbp uses early supplier involvement to help clients to perfect their pcba designs. This service and the in-house developed EBST have helped to increase demand, particularly in the medical, defence and aerospace industries, for which tbp possesses all required certificates in the meantime. All these measures will allow tbp to continue meeting this strong demand with the same high level of service.

CEO Ton Plooy: ‘Standing still is not an option; we must move forwards! Our employees and equipment suppliers allowed our production capacity to be expanded in a very short time frame. This means we can continue meeting extra demand from our clients.’


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