Training at Zestron: Technical Cleanliness in Electronics

Training at Zestron: Technical Cleanliness in Electronics

Learn which purity requirements apply to the automotive sector and which methods are relevant for measuring and assessing technical cleanliness.

The increasing performance of sensor systems and the growing integration of power electronics in vehicles open new worlds of the future.At the same time, they increase the risk of particles and any kind of contamination.

On October 25th, the ZESTRON Academy is organizing a training session – a combination of lectures and practical demonstrations- together with experts from the automotive industry and the area of analytics as well as measurement technology to teach participants about cleanliness requirements and measuring methods. In addition to learning how to measure impurities and evaluate results, participants gain insights into cleaning processes for removing ions, films and particles. In the practical part, various methods for particle measurement will also be presented and participants will benefit from important tips and the exchange with experienced speakers.

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