V.D.H. invests in new SMD Line and triple production capacity

V.D.H. invests in new SMD Line and triple production capacity

Recently V.D.H. Products B.V. has purchased a complete new  SMD line from Partnertec. Main reason for the investment was the urgent need for more production capacity. But the line will offer many more benefits.

The new line consist of a ASM E-by-DEK stencil printer, two ASM E-by-Siplace Pick & Place machines and a Vitronics-Soltec Centurion reflow oven and NUTEK board handling equipment.

Last year’s annual double digit growth forced VDH to expand the production capacity.
The new line is not only much faster than the old line but also offers more flexibility and NPI capability, resulting in much more available uptime.  Bottom line this offers VDH more than 3x more available capacity at the same floor space and with an equal quantity of staff.  The new line can also scope easily with future new board designs with more complex SMD components.

Other reasons why V.D.H. selected Partnertec and its equipment suppliers are:

  • Industry 4.0 level software integration – resulting in less NPI time, better logistics, faster change-overs and full traceability
  • High end manufactures with strong track record in reliability and performance
  • Enhanced odd-component placement possibilities, resulting in less manual operation
  • Full line integration and process support by one local supplier

We want to thank V.D.H. Products B.V. for their trust in Partnertec B.V. and look forward to our continued cooperation.

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