Zestron Academy Presents

Zestron Academy Presents

Seminar Reliability of Electronic Assemblies with European Experts

Through exclusive Partnership with ZESTRON we can offer high qualified cleaning product which are applicable on various applications. Zestron offers the world’s leading cleaning media, but even more important focused on being an architect for reliable cleaning processes within electronic an metal parts cleaning application.
In 2019 Zestron is going to roll out 5 seminars to improve your cleaning processes.

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Reliability Testing and Protection

The seminar offers an access to understand how to test out the limits which are given by electrical design and also offers strategies for protection.

Electronic assemblies are more and more used in harsh environments. To meet these requirements without taking any risk, it is necessary to understand the limit which is given by the electrical design. If necessary electronic assemblies need protection. The seminar shows different methods for testing the limits and also explains options for protection.

You will learn

  • Testing demands for automotive and other applications
  • Deep insights into the mechanism electrochemical migration
  • Risk assessment for long term climatic stresses
  • Overview to applicable protection measures

Your benefit

  • You get an approach for the decision how you can protect assemblies
  • You can use different methods of risk evaluation
  • You benefit from the knowledge of experienced experts


Have a look at the current agenda.


Dr. Helmut Schweigart
Head of Technology Development

Prof. Rajan Ambat
Technical University of Denmark

Poul Juul

Beth Turner
Development Chemist

Dr. Bàlint Medgyes
BudapestUniversity of Technology and Economics

Guido Wolf
Sales Manager Central Europe
Specialty Coating Systems

Laura Kent
Higher Research Scientiest
NPL National Physical Laboratory



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