#1 in Flexibility - ASM SIPLACE SX

#1 in Flexibility - ASM SIPLACE SX

ASM SIPLACE SX is designed for flexibility, accuracy and speed! Interchangeable gantries, heads with software controlled placements modes, intelligent X-feeders – clever software solutions, all these features make the SIPLACE SX the world’s first placement platform that is flexibly adaptable to rapidly changing demand volumes, products and lot sizes.

asm-siplace-sx-multistar-cpp-head The SIPLACE SX offers the world’s only placement solution with total gantry modularity. The innovative gantries can be installed and uninstalled quickly and easily and the SIPLACE software even calibrates them and adjust the placement program automatically. This offers true Capacity-on-demand, allowing users to adapt their production to any situation and maintain the maximum efficiency, even in times of constantly changing scenarios / application.

Do not invest in a completely new machine with gantries and heads when all you need is more feeder slots. Simply add one SIPLACE SX+ to your line and gain 120 slots. You can then transfer a gantry from one of your existing machines. The result; same performance, more capacity and flexibility, less additional investment.

The Siplace SX platform covers the entire component spectrum, ranging from the smallest imaginable 0201 (metric) chips to extreme large and high odd shaped connectors up to 50mm height!

The reliable placement heads combine extreme accuracy and reliability with very high mount speed. The Collect and Place technology used in the revolver heads avoids huge speed deration on complex boards as often seen in our industry.

The digital SIPLACE SX vision system identifies components of all shapes and colors, quickly and reliably. New components can be described in just a few seconds using the unique auto-teach functionality. This can even be done during the production of the first PCB on the machine or with add of the offline teaching station.

The intelligent SIPLACE SX-feeders can be installed and removeASM Siplace SXd without stopping the machine. LEDs indicate their status and blink to let the operator know they are no longer needed and can be removed. Tapes can be loaded very quickly and the feeder even allows the use of short tape strips. A empty tape cutter comes standard with each machine and the cover tapes is conveniently stored in a waste bin inside the feeder.

ASM Siplace offers a wide range of clever preparation software tools with intuitive GUI’s to help you to reduce NPI programming time and to achieve the fastest change-overs and shortest production times in our industry.

Together with the latest generation of the SIPLACE station software we offer an invaluable help for your operators. It indicates the status of the machine and components at all times and highlights the next steps. In only takes a few mouse clicks to optimize the configuration for any application – from fast New Product Introductions to high-speed mass production.

In Short;

  • Placement performance on demand; placement heads and gentries can be in- and uninstalled in less than 30 minutes, transfer placement performance between machines and lines very quickly
  • Intelligent and reliable X-feeders, short load time and extreme fast loading
  • All know SMD components and wide range of odd-shaped components mountable
  • Software which is state-of-the-art; Fast, manageable and user-friendly

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