30th Vitronics Soltec Centurion Reflow oven in the Benelux sold to Batenburg

30th Vitronics Soltec Centurion Reflow oven in the Benelux sold to Batenburg

Batenburg Industrial Elektronica, has just placed a repeat order for their second Centurion CT930 Reflow oven from ITW – Vitronics Soltec. This will take the total count to 30 Centurion ovens in our small Benelux territory since the introduction of this machine in 2016, in the year that the company Soltec celebrated its
100 anniversary, explaining the name ‘’Centurion’’ .

Batenburg Industrial Electronica, is a total solution contract manufacturer, offering design, PCBA and box built assembly, including testing, coating and potting. With a team of around 100 employees they offer solutions for wide range of markets as Automotive, Avionics, Agriculture, Medical and Industrial applications.

Batenburg is not only well known for their High Tech Production capabilities, but also for their inclusive position in the society. They permanently offer work space for people with a ‘’labor market disadvantage’’ and have integrated them completely in the team.

Over the years Batenburg has expanded their technology skills and production capacity to follow the needs of their demanding high tech customers. At the end of 2022 they purchased their first Soltec Centurion Reflow oven and this oven was recently successfully installed in their production plant in Neede (Netherlands).

The team was familiar with the great performance of the previous Soltec models and after some investigation and a reference visit to the 24/7 user Philips in Drachten, the decision was taken to continue the cooperation with Partnertec/Vitronics Soltec and to purchase the Centurion CT930A. Quickly after the successful implementation of the first oven, the decision was taken to expand the factory with an additional brand new SMD line including a second Centurion reflow oven in the same configuration. In September this new line will be implemented.

‘’The Centurion reflow oven offers great value for money and my team hardly allow me to buy a different brand’’ says Managing Director René Temmink with a smile, as they had very good experience with Soltec ovens before.

The Centurion offers superior heat transfer, allowing the creation of the most complex thermal profiles at relative low heater temperature set-points and resulting in minimal temperature difference over the PCB’s (ΔT) and lower energy consumption.

Machines are available in various lengths ranging from 8 to 13 heated zones with a wide range of options to match specific customer needs and throughput requirements. But the onboard technology and quality is equal along the entire product family, allowing small to large customer to benefit from the unique machine features.

We trust that Batenburg will benefit from their investment in Soltec Reflow ovens again for another 10 years or more, just like they did with their previous model.

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