E by Dek Printing Solution

E by Dek is the newest member of the E Solutions from ASM. Now we can offer you a total and complete package. E by Dek can be as indiviual as your requirements.

AMS already set new standards in quality, performance and ease of use in the mid-speed placement segment with the E by SIPLACE. Now they joined the ideal printer solution with the E by DEK.

E by DEK is as flexible as your applications and instead of investing in new printer models the E by DEK Always has the right answer thanks to a wide range of options. They have made it exceptionally flexible and will protect your investment.

With line monitoring, integrated software solutions, traceability and fast, trouble free setup processes for high-mix contract manufacturers and the production of small batches and prototype E-Solutions is the all-round line solution for the mid-speed segment.

Machine standard configuration

The most important facts and figures on the E by DEK.

Machine Performance


Alignment> 2.0 Cmk @ ± 12.5 μm (± 6 sigma)
System alignment capability> 2.0 Cmk @ ± 25 μm (± 6 sigma)
Opyimum core cycle time8 seconds
Substrate size50 mm (X) x 40.5 mm (Y) to 620 mm (X) x 508.5 mm (Y)
Operating SystemWindows 7 Embedded
Squeegee pressure mechanismSoftware-controlled, motorized with closed loop feedback
Stencil positioningSemi-auto stencil load with drip tray
 Understencil cleaningInterchangeable understencil cleaner (IUSC), fully programmable with wet/dry/vacuum wipe
Adjustable-width stencil mount (AWSM)Frame variants - fully adjustable to accommodate frame sizes in the range of 381 mm to 736 mm
Substrate thickness0.2 mm to 6 mm
Substrate weight (maximum)6 kg
Substrate warpageUp to 7 mm including substrate thickness
Substrate fixtureOver the top clamps Edge clamps Foil-less clamps Vacuum
Temperature & humidity sensorMonitoring of the process environment

* Alignment qualifications include board loading/unloading, board clamping, camera/table movement. Capability value is calculated with 3rd-party QC-Calc software.

# Machine capability comprises board loading/unloading, board clamping, camera/rising table movement and print process. The capability value is calculated with 3rd-party QC-Calc software.

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