ASMPT introduces DEK TQ L, top quality performance stencil printer

ASMPT introduces DEK TQ L, top quality performance stencil printer

About a year after the successful launch of the new DEK TQ, ASMPT has now released the DEK TQ L suitable for larger board sizes. Both machine share the unique design and features, making it the most accurate and fastest printers in the world.

Where DEK TQ is limited to max board sizes of 400x400 mm, the new DEK TQ L can handle boards up to 600x510mm, making it more suitable for Contract Manufacturers. DEK TQ and TQ L set new benchmarks for:
• Precision
• Throughput
• Flexibility
• Floor space performance

DEK TQ and TQ L are equipped with a new three-stage conveyor with innovative clamping and off-belt printing technique, suitable for any kind of substrate and PCB.

The unique Lineair NuMotion Controler with fiber-optic wiring and the new fiducial alignment vision system are based on many years of experience in designing accurate and fast Pick & Place machines. The new DEK machine uses Linear drives and guarantees ultimate accuracy and stability at high speed. Each manufactured DEK TQ (L) achieves a certified wet-printing accuracy of 17 microns @2Cpk (=6 sigma), without any compromise on throughput. The system accuracy is proven at 12,5 micron at 6 sigma. DEK TQ L achieves a core cycle time of less than 6,5 seconds (DEK TQ is slightly faster with only 5 seconds core cycle time).

The new developed High speed under stencil cleaning system can use special 22mtr long fabric rolls and is up to 50% faster than previous systems.

The TQ family can be equipped with many new features, such as automated Paste Management, Automatic Smart-support pin placement and a Dual Access Cover for hot-swapping Solder Paste cartridges while the machine continues production.

DEK TQ and TQ L can run unattended for more than 8hrs, contributing to higher bottom-line output and lower operating cost.

The modern architecture and new software platform easily integrates in Smart factories. It supports IPCHermes- 9852 and IPC-CFX and fits perfectly in ASMPT’s Open Automation philosophy for seamlessly integration with MES, ERP and AIV fleet management systems.

DEK TQ L modern design not only looks perfectly on the shop floor, but also requires minimum floor space. The large model requires less than 2 square meters and the TQ model only 1,3 sq meter. Please contact us if you like to learn more about ASMPT’s new DEK TQ or TQ L.

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