ASMPT marks latest milestone with global rebrand

ASMPT marks latest milestone with global rebrand

Leading semiconductor & electronics equipment maker formerly known as ASM Pacific Technology, has aligned all its world wide companies under one new global brand and logo; ‘ASMPT’.

Founded in Hongkong in 1975 as a daughter of Dutch ASMI, ASMPT quickly developed her portfolio and strong position in the fast developing semi-conductor industry. After purchasing the SMT division from Siemens in 2010, ASM also became the leading supplier in the SMT market.

Since the separation in 2012, ASMI and ASM Pacific Technology kept similar names and logo for a long time but now it’s time to introduce a new fresh brand and logo for ASMPT.

The company still holds two strong segments, ASMPT SEMI for the Semi-conductor Industry and ASMPT SMT Solutions for the Surface Mount Technology market.

ASMPT’s new modern futuristic logo is integrally paired with the company’s Vision ‘’Enabeling the digital world’’.

Partnertec is distributor in the Benelux for the SMT Solutions segment.

The SMT Solution segment compromises best-in-class hardware and software solutions such as SIPLACE placement machine, DEK printing solutions, Storage solutions, the smart shop floor management suite WORKS as well as Critical Manufacturing flexible manufacturing execution system (MES).

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