ASMPT subscription-based software – the clever way to optimize your workflows

ASMPT subscription-based software – the clever way to optimize your workflows

ASMPT, well known for its market-leading SMD equipment, offers a wide portfolio of supporting software to get the best out of your capital investment. The “ASMPT WORKS” software suite supports every workflow in your complex electronics manufacturing process.

Traditionally, software is purchased in combination with equipment and owned by the end-user. However, selecting what to purchase from the growing range of software can be challenging, and software prices do not always fit within available budgets. Additionally, maintaining all owned software is becoming increasingly complex.

For this reason, ASMPT has released “Subscription-Based Software” in our region.
The main benefits of subscription-based software include:
•  Lower initial investment
•  No listing on your balance sheet
•  Modern software standards
•  Benefit from all available features
•  Access to the latest releases and new features
•  Items can be added or removed from the subscription contract

The ASMPT WORKS Software Subscription consists of a modular bundle of software packages supporting the following main workflows:
•  Programming    •  Operation
•  Planning        •  Monitoring
•  Logistics        •  Optimization
•  Preparation    •  Integration

ASMPT also offers the “WORK Unlimited Package,” which includes all the above packages at a very attractive bundled price. The image below describes all available modules.

The subscription price is relative to the number of machines owned, making the model attractive for every type of customer. Subscription contracts are available for a period of one, two, or three years.

Please contact Partnertec if you wish to learn more about our subscription-based software offerings for ASMPT software.

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