20 december 2018 

European Distributor of the Year Award 2018

European Distributor of the Year Award 2018

Wednesday 12th of December the Disbtributor meeting of Vitronics Soltec were held at the headquarters in Oosterhout.
During this meeting Partnertec received from Frank van Erp, Sales Director EMEA, the European Distributor of the Year Award 2018.

Frank van Erp, Sales Director EMEA; It is with pleasure we announce Partnertec has been awarded as distributor of the year 2018 for Vitronics Soltec. They have achieved a remarkable 85% market share on reflow which is very unusual for a small but solid area. Partnertec is continuously shaping its organisation to meet tomorrow’s market demand, something that gets recognized by its suppliers and customers. Despite what marketeers say a lot of our business is still build on trust and that requires a reliable and ethical behaviour, do what you promise and mean what you say, something we recognise in working with Partnertec throughout their organisation. Also towards us as a supplier that trust and reliability is there which makes it all so much easier. We express our gratitude for their contribution to our success and we look forward to strengthen this going forward.

Partnertec likes to thank Vitronics Soltec with their great support in achieving this prestigious award.

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