Vitronics Soltec

For almost 100 years Vitronics Soltec has provided innovative and reliable soldering solutions to the electrical and electronics manufacturing industries. Founded in 1916 as ZEVA in the Netherlands, the company was a pioneer in the field of industrial soldering. Vitronics Soltec specializes in the design and manufacturing of cost effective mass soldering equipment for the circuit board assembly market. Our advanced products cover the Reflow, Wave and Selective Soldering markets. Giving high quality, consitent results, while minimizing damage to the worlds resources.

Cost effective soldering solutions

Reflow Soldering Centurion

The Centurion™ is a forced-convection SMT reflow system with tight, closed-loop process control, built for today’s high-throughput PCB assembly environments. With the best heat transfer in the industry, the Centurion is able to run any profile at the lowest set point possible, which minimizes the thermal differences over the product and uses less energy.

Flexible Wave Soldering Delta X

The Vitronics Soltec Delta X has evolved from a long heritage of soldering machines with thousands in production worldwide. With technology driven features developed over generations the Delta X is the most reliable, dependable, and cost-efficient wave soldering machine available to the industry.

Selective Soldering ZEVAv

The ZEVAv brings the next dimension to selective soldering technology. It’s what you need today to meet the growing challenges of high yields, cost effective production and process control. Operator and maintenance interventions can be executed during manufacturing. The machine’s architecture allows it to accommodate the appropriate setting to match each individual application.

Selective Soldering ZEVAm+

The ZEVAm+ brings the next dimension to selective point-to-point soldering. With the ever decreasing pitch of components it becomes inevitable soon to use an angle during soldering to guarantee proper soldering results. The platform is supported by SmartTeach software enabling users to quickly and reliably set up a new process.
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