3 December 2019 

Heavy Metal Adsorber for Cleaning & Rinsing Bath

Adsorber HM1 Compact

The key benefits of the Adsorber HM1 Compact are preventing recontamination of heavy metals on less noble metals or components. It is developed for adsorption of heavy metals form cleaning and rinsing media used in automated cleaning processes within the electronics manufacturing industry.

Through a continuous adsorption process concerns regarding the redeposition of heavy metals (e.g. tin or copper) on less noble metal and components or the development of local galvanic elements can now be avoided. Also, Contaminated waste water from the rinsing process can be treated in accordance with the local regulations and requirements. Due to its compact size the adsorber HM1 Compact is particularly suitable for batch cleaning systems.

Process scheme Adsorber HM1 Compact in bypass cycle:

Key benefits:

  • It prevents recontamination of heavy metals on less noble metals or components
  • fulfills legal waste water regulations regarding heavy metals in the disposal of the rinse bath
  • extended bath lifetime due to lower heavy metal loading
  • higher process reliability and improved stability of cleaning processes
  • the cartridge can be disposed of locally

We can provide a wide range of cleaning process solutions for mid- and high-end industries.
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