20 maart 2018 
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Micro-Materials Testing Software for analyzing every component!

Micro-Materials Testing Software for analyzing every component!

Being in touch with the industry changes, Nordson DAGE has developed Paragon™ Materials, an innovative software platform designed specifically to perform and interpret a range of materials tests such as creep, torsion, fatigue, compression and bend.

It’s an exciting time for the micro-electronics industry as device density continues to increase which brings new challenges for interconnect evaluation. The increase in flip chip devices and the emergence of copper pillars and die stacking represents new challenges for the testing of these materials.

You can now run failure analysis testing on everything from solder to copper pillars and even PCB board integrity.   

Gain New Insight Faster
When it comes to analyzing a new device’s component, accuracy is everything. Paragon™ Materials, software is dedicated to micro-materials testing which guides you through even the most difficult of failure analysis tests.

From test definition to result interpretation, even predicting probability of component failure. The intuitive interface only requires minimum input data, as complex calculations are performed automatically. New insights into failure modes can be easily identified in a much faster and more productive way.

Accuracy is paramount
Paragon™ Materials, allows you to enter unique dimensions for your samples. You can even specify between rod, rectangle, spherical and square. These dimensions are key to calculating accurate results.

Micro – Materials testing Analyze Every Component
With this software you are capable of performing a range of test types. Each one is uniquely designed to find a particular failure node.

  • Watch failures occur with live plotting of data, pause and alter tests if necessary
  • Perform difficult and non-standard test procedures with custom routines
  • See trends and grouped sample spreads automatically across multiple sample types
  • Lifetime-testing: perform long term tests over time or number of cycles
  • In-built failure analysis and statistical functions as standard

It also allows a comprehensive range of units to be defined. Whether you are measuring energy, strain or torque, Paragon™ Materials, can accommodate this as well as letting you define the scale, or otherwise can update the scale automatically. It will enable you to find the unique failure node effecting your device and even allows you to spot trends.

See Paragon in Action with the 4000Plus Micro Materials Testing Platform.

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