X-Ray Inspection

X-Ray systems perform non-destructive inspection of optically hidden features in electronics manufacturing processes. They provide joint quality confirmation / analysis and identify voiding, shorts, opens, etcetera. The products we offer ease of use without compromising analytical quality, a unique X-ray tube design (NT) and the highest resolution available.

X-Ray Inspections Systems

The Quadra™ Series X-ray inspection takes you beyond optical imaging. They have been designed with the user in mind and offers unbeatable image quality in the shortest possible time. With its revolutionary QuadraNT™ X-ray tube and Aspire FP™ detector, Nordson DAGE brings you the future of X-ray image resolution, reliability, performance and throughput. 

X-Ray Component Counting

Dage Assure offers X-ray counting systems that clearly distinguish from other brands. The software offers automatic self-learning component recognition, the machines can count extremely fast and accurate, one reels in approximately 5 to 10 seconds, are maintenance-free and can handle any type of packaging. The machines are available with manual loading systems or with fully conveyorized automatic loading to further reduce cost of operation. 

NEW!     Explorer One

Quadra™ - Series

Nordson Dage

Nordson DAGE is a market leading X-ray inspection company with a focus on the electronics manufacturing industry. DAGE  has a strong portfolio of award winning X-Ray Inspection equipment targeted at both the printed circuit board assembly and semiconductor industries. 


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