Modi opens technology center MODI TRACE ARENA

Modi opens technology center   MODI TRACE ARENA

Modi, the specialist for identification solutions and process optimization, has just opened a brand-new technology center at their facility in Wiehl, Germany. In this MODI TRACE ARENA, customers can experience all of MODI’s solutions, test their own materials, join workshops and follow courses.

MODI offers a range of products to optimize incoming goods processes in the electronics manufacturing industry. Their latest model, the incoming goods scanning table WES V5, can capture all labels on incoming goods in a single high-resolution image and automatically detect the relevant data. This data is used to verify the delivery against your ERP and order data. The system can automatically create customized labels with a Unique Identifier barcode and other relevant information for your
internal organization. MODI software seamlessly integrates with ERP, MES, and machine databases to minimize manual operations and avoid faulty input. A Modi table can significantly reduce the daily workload in your logistics department and is crucial for full traceability.

More information can be found at Please contact Partnertec if you would like to learn more about MODI or would like to sign up for a visit or event at the MODI TRACE ARENA.

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