Inovaxe - Innovative material handling solutions for smarter factories

Inovaxe - Innovative material handling  solutions for smarter factories

Partnertec is happy to inform you that we recently signed a distribution contract with Inovaxe. Since 2003, Inovaxe has been a leading supplier of smart material handling systems. Their award-winning products can optimize your material flow, reducing unnecessary labor and increasing the uptime of your assembly equipment.

Inovaxe’s Smart Storage Solutions can efficiently store hundreds of reels per square meter and allow quick “guided by light” access to parts within seconds. The systems are controlled by intelligent Inventory Management Software. Inovaxe systems can store reels, trays, sticks and boxes. You can even convert your existing storage into an intelligent warehouse.

Smart sensors detect when items are placed or removed, and clever barcode scanning allows for free locating to any of the available spaces in the storage. Picking a list of items can be done in one go or in a guided order, such as in the feeder kitting sequence.

The portfolio includes various models and sizes of stationary racks and mobile carts for smart storage in warehouse locations and near production areas. It also offers smart solutions for transport between stock locations and includes a smart MDS storage solution.

In many cases, Inovaxe storage systems are more space-efficient and better priced than fully automated storage towers and paternoster systems. However, the biggest advantage is the much shorter time required to pick and restore items!

The concept is highly modular and can be tailored and reorganized depending on your fast-changing needs. Inovaxe integrates 100% with Modi’s incoming goods scanning table for fast and reliable checking and automatic creation of unique identifiers and labels. It also seamlessly integrates with X-ray counters such as Nordson Asure, to update the actual inventory when parts return from production to the warehouse.

Summary of the main benefits
•  Increased inventory accuracy
•  Decreased feeder kitting time and machine set-up time
•  Reduced space requirement
•  FIFO management
•  Avoid mis-picking
•  Minimize partial reels
•  Substantial reduction of “surprise shortages”
•  Fully transparent warehouse and shop-floor inventory
•  Increased overall equipment efficiency

In many cases, a return on investment within six months is possible. Please contact us if you would like to learn more about the solutions Inovaxe can offer your organization.

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