New High Reliability, Low-Temperature Alloy

New High Reliability, Low-Temperature Alloy

Indium Corporation Announces

New High Reliability, Low-Temperature Alloy

Indium Corporation® has released a new, bismuth-based low-temperature alloy developed for low temperature reflow processes which require enhanced thermal cycling reliability. Indalloy® 303, also known as Bi+, is an innovative alloy that retains the low reflow temperatures required for temperature-sensitive processes while enhancing the lifetime reliability of the solder joint beyond that of traditional low-temperature solders.

As a low-temperature, Pb-free solution, Indalloy® 303 offers:
• A reflow temperature as low as 170
• Excellent thermal cycling performance
• Resistance to hot tearing
• Compatibility with SAC in hybrid BGA joints
• Low voiding

Indalloy® 303’s flux vehicle, Indium 5.7LT-1, is an air-reflow, halogen-free, no-clean solder paste, designed
for assembly processes using Bi-based and In-containing low-temperature alloys. It delivers:

• Superior print transfer efficiency
• Clear post-reflow flux residue
• Solder bead and solder ball minimization
• Exceptional wetting on OSP, Immersion Ag, Immersion Sn, and ENIG
• Excellent coalescence of small deposits
• Outstanding SIR performance under challenging low-temperature reflow conditions

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