Outstanding Achievement!

Outstanding Achievement!

Nordson DAGE acknowledge their distributor Partnertec with an “Outstanding Achievement Award 2016” !

Nordson DAGE, a division of Nordson Corporation (NASDAQ: NDSN) was delighted to acknowledge their distributor for the Benelux, Partnertec with an Outstanding Achievement Award at a recent X-ray Distributor Conference in Portugal last month!

The Award was presented by Richard Frisk, Nordson’s European Sales Manager for X-ray Inspection products who said “Partnertec have worked with DAGE in the Benelux region for several years and their efforts in both the sales and marketing of the products and their support of DAGE customers has been outstanding. Recent success with the new QUADRA range of products in the Netherlands deserves particular mention generating a high level of interest in this highly competitive sector of the electronics market.


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