Solderstar reflow shuttle with O2 PPM measurement

Solderstar reflow shuttle with  O2 PPM measurement

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About 50% of all reflow ovens operate under nitrogen. Nitrogen limits the amount of oxygen and so reduces oxidation during the soldering process. As a result, solder joints become less susceptible to failures, and issues such as de-wetting and solderability problems are minimized. It is crucial to control the oxygen level in each oven zone. Solderstar has developed an easy-to-use shuttle that analyzes the oxygen PPM (parts per million) level while moving through the oven. This shuttle measures the O2 PPM level at the PCB level in every individual zone. The shuttle uses the same Solderstar SLX profiler found in other Solderstar products, such as the Delta Probe, Wave Solder Optimizer, Selective Solder Optimizer, and Vapor Phase Thermal Profiler. Solderstar specializes in thermal profiling solutions for the electronics assembly industry.

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