Partnertec signs official distribution contract with Berbertec GmbH for the Benelux

Partnertec signs official distribution contract with Berbertec GmbH for the Benelux

BERBERTEC is a leading manufacturer of high-quality special screens used in Industrial Printing Applications. Since 2006, Berbertec is producing extremely accurate emulsion screens, for a wide variety of applications, in their factory near Heilbronn (Germany).

Any size frame can be covered with a wide range of stainless steel- or polyester fabric and coated with photo emulsion film with the desired thickness. Most accurate available plotting technique are used to expose the film, to create the custom specific pint design.

In screen manufacturing, a distinction is made between 3 coating techniques.
1. Direct-Indirect Coating: A cut and pre-dried photopolymer film is laminated into the fabric using a liquid photopolymer film.
2. Direct Coating: A liquid photopolymer film is rubbed directly into the fabric with a doctor blade.
3. The capillary coating: Again, a cut and pre-dried photopolymer film is applied to the fabric evenly moistened with water.

Of these three coating techniques, direct-indirect coating is the most optimal to use for technical screen printing. The longer service life and precise layer thicknesses enable reproducible production of the screens.

BERBERTEC is the only emulsion manufacturer that has automated most of the process steps to meet the high demands of the customer. Robots are used to ensure reproducible quality of the emulsions. Berbertec is ISO 9001 certified!

The high-quality emulsion screens from Berbertec are the perfect add-on to our in-house laser-cut stainless steel stencils manufacturing for those applications that can not be solved with laser-cut stencils.

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