Solder Preforms - Now More Than Ever

Solder Preforms - Now More Than Ever

30 years after the publication of “A Quick Guide to Solder Preforms” by Indium, they now present “The Perfect Preform-Designing in a Solution to Achieve Optimal Results” – a refresh on the classic.

Indium Corporation has been making solder preforms for a long, long time. Solder preforms may have been in your first transistor radio (for those of us experienced enough to remember such a thing!). Nearly 30 years ago, two of Indium’s more experienced technical engineers, Paul Socha and Jim Slattery, wrote an article called “A Quick Guide to Solder Preforms”. They had done some amazing work with customers who had unique applications and needed custom solutions. Their goal was to gather some of that expertise into one place – and the article still holds true today.

However, technology does not stand still and neither have we. We continue to push the envelope on forms, materials, and flux coatings for preforms. No application is too big or too small! Even packaging for solder preforms has evolved to support the increasingly automated manufacturing processes.

So after 30 years it was time to do a refresh on the classic “A Quick Guide to Preforms.” I am pleased to introduce, “The Perfect Preform-Designing in a Solution to Achieve Optimal Results.” This paper talks about how solder preforms can do more than just bond two surfaces.

Preforms can also:

  • Dissipate heat (particularly indium-containing preforms)
  • Keep larger components level
  • Provide additional solder to solder paste deposits to improve joint strength
  • Solder temperature-sensitive components
  • Solder without flux
  • Reduce voiding using special flux coating, particularly for larger components like QFNs
  • Support the miniaturization of almost everything with smaller, thinner forms

This paper also walks you through the process of how to design a solder preform that is cost-effective and works in your application.
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